Peace On the Rock.


The lake by our home is such a beautiful place. B and I love to go there and walk around it, and be with nature. Between the walking path that most people walk, and the lake itself, is wooded areas and rocks. B found a spot a long time ago, on a large rock by the water, that she enjoys spending time on to meditate, or just be. She took me to that rock shortly after we started dating. It is a beautiful spot.

I love being in nature. Whether it is walking at Lake Scranton, going to Nay Aug Park in the city and walking by the falls, or going to a local park to hike, or just sit, is a beautiful experience for me. I love any aspects of nature, whether it be the woods, the water, or the mountains. I find great peace and connection there.

I have been thinking this week about what is it about nature, about being with the land, that is so peaceful. For me, it is in great part from my Native American heritage. I feel close to the Earth and all that She offers to me on a regular basis. In addition to that, when I am in nature, I feel like I am interacting with the world in its natural state. The creatures that I see there, and the trees and flowers that I admire aren’t there to be seen. They are just doing their thing.

I think that one of my most favorite parts of being in nature, and seeking the peace with Her, is the quiet. It is allowing myself to have a quiet enough mind, and mouth, to take in the sounds of the creatures, the wind, the water and trees. It is profound.

Although nature is my favorite place to be when I am seeking quiet, or just wanting to connect with something bigger than myself, I know that I don’t need to go to the rock to find peace. Earlier this week, I reminded myself that I really can choose peace, anytime, just by deciding to do so. When I am gripped in the clutches of self doubt, or judgment or assumptions, I can always break myself from that. Being in nature reminds me of that lesson, and I remind myself that it is always available to me.

Peace is here, waiting for me. I simply have to let it in.



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