The miracle of the moment.


I spent my weekend in Massachusetts with my partner, parents, siblings and extended family. One of my cousins was getting married, and we all wanted to be there to help them to celebrate. It was the first wedding that my sister, brother and I were together with our parents, since my brother married his wife 13 years ago.


We ate, danced, and laughed together. We talked individually and as groups, big and little. We talked about difficult subjects and fun topics. We were together, sharing fun and love and enjoying every minute of it.


I often think about living my life in the moment, being present for what is in the here and now. I know that the past is gone, and the future isn’t here yet, nor are we guaranteed it. So, the present is really all that we have. While I was with my siblings, parents, partner, cousins, and other relatives this weekend, I was so acutely aware of how unique and special my moments with them were.

I thought a lot about the sadness of the day when some of these people aren’t on this earth anymore. I thought about my own aging, and what that means to me. I thought about the distance of geography that is between many of us, and how that makes it challenging at times to be together when we want to be. And, I remembered that we really only have right now, with those that we love, with our work, our homes, our lives.

When I really think about the magic and substance of what is in my life at this moment, and when I did that this weekend, I was in tune with what a miracle it really is. We are such amazing creatures, we humans, and to embrace the opportunity that we have in our lives every day, to be present in our world and really be in it, seems like a necessity to me.

We only have this moment. This is it. It is all that we can count on, and there will never be another one like it, ever.

That really seems like a miracle to me.



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