Who I Am.


I had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday, in all regards. I spent Thanksgiving Eve with new family and friends. I sent off my daughter to spend it with her other family. I prepared food and drink all day long with Brenda, and enjoyed the entire process. I met some amazing people, and laughed and enjoyed it all.

I was in the space of love for the entire holiday.

I have been thinking all week about who I am in the world, and as a result, what I see in the world. Even though I make my interactions with the world complicated at times, it really comes down to something quite simple. Whoever I am in the world, is what I will experience and get back.

So, if I am full of fear, I will encounter people that are scared, and scary. I will see in others attitudes that are frightening and that challenge my safety. If I am full of resentment, then I will see around me people that are resentful and blame others for the shortcomings in their lives. If I am full of shame and remorse, then I will see the world as being full of people who are remorseful, full of guilt and unable to forgive themselves.

What I see in others is not always the true story, however. What I mean by that, is that even though I may see people that are only afraid, or resentful or blaming, it doesn’t mean that is the truth. It is only part of the truth. I am not just a scared human being any more than you are only that. I have many facets of being that exist in the world, only parts being shown at any given time. Yet, the lens through which I look at the world, and through which I view myself at times, is what it is that I will most often take in.

When I look upon the world with eyes of love, it is amazing what miracles come my way. In those moments, I am open, I am free, I am able to see the beauty and unique qualities in everyone around me. At those times, it doesn’t matter if someone is quiet, or preoccupied or boisterous and loud. Each person has qualities all their own that make them special.

Who I am in the world is directly proportional to what I receive back. So, when I give love to the world, I get love back, even when in those moments when a part of me wants to believe that I live in a loveless world. I know that is a lie that I don’t have to believe.

What I choose to believe instead, is that I am love, and the world is love. When I choose this, my heart is full of joy and promise.



One thought on “Who I Am.

  1. I agree! I’ve also heard the qualities that irritate me in someone else, if I am honest, can be found in little old me. thirdly, I see (in you) a seeker, someone humble enough to admit when she screws up and someone full of life. Looking forward to the day i meet you in person! DM

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