We have the answers.


Almost every day, at least when I feel inspired to do so, I draw a Native American medicine card. The cards have various animal or other creature beings on them, and each one represents a message or a reminder that I need to hear from the Universe. Sometimes, it is about letting go, or preparing for big change. Sometimes it is about letting go of arrogance, or the universality of us all.

Yesterday, I drew the Bear card. The card for Bear can mean many things, but there were two that struck me the most. One, is that I need to know my boundaries, and clearly say yes and no to things. The bigger lesson for me yesterday, is that it also represents introspection, and that in order to find the answers, we need to go into the Silence.

Just as the bear hibernates for the winter, so do we as human beings need to go into a type of silence in order to process what it is we need to do. This may sound simple to some of you, and impossible to others. There were two main revelations that came to me from drawing this card yesterday. Mind you, I have drawn this card several times before. Yet yesterday was the day that these particular lessons came to me.

First, it is not an easy thing to get our minds quiet, or better yet, to seek the quiet. At least not when we are not accustomed to it. My mind is often full of busy talk, lots of thoughts and worries that keep me so distracted, that I don’t have to deal with or feel ANYTHING. Yet, over time, I have been so excited to allow my mind to get quiet, and take advantage of times when I don’t have much going on in my life, and to actually create that kind of time. Every morning, before I leave for work, Brenda and I spend about an hour just reading, having coffee, and talking about various life circumstances and issues. And, we spend some of that time in quiet, just being with one another. It is one of the most powerful ways in which I start my day. We live in a noisy world, so to seek out quiet time intentionally can be quite a task; yet very freeing in so many ways.

The other revelation for me with my Bear card, is that even when we don’t believe it is true, EVERY answer for every issue lies within us. I know, I have sought counsel through various books, shows, speakers, and gurus of sorts. I have learned many good things, many things that have served me well over time. Yet the real story is, that even without my medicine cards, I know the answer to every life question within myself. Of course, I don’t believe that at times, and look outside of me. But, when I really get quiet, go within, and listen to what it is that I really want, need and desire, I find the answer waiting for me like a flower ready to bloom.

Isn’t is so much more comforting to know, that we need only give ourselves the time, and space, and quiet, to get to where it is we need to be? Please let this be a reminder, to each of us, that we all have within us the ability to answer every question, and to fulfill every dream and desire. We simply have to go the quiet, and deeply listen.



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