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When Brenda and I were in Asheville, we did some hiking in the mountains there. Although we both enjoy hiking, we have not done it with any regularity over the last couple of years. Being in Asheville, in the mountains, reawakened that enjoyment in us. We loved walking the trails, taking in the beauty of nature, and sinking into the quiet of it all.

When we returned from Asheville, we decided that we wanted to continue to hike on a regular basis, to enjoy the beauty of our own (current) backyard until we are in Asheville once again, and to remind us of some of what we loved about the place until we go back. So, last weekend and again yesterday we ventured out for some hiking fun. Our destination was Ricketts Glen State Park. We were not disappointed.

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What amazes me the most about being out in nature is the simplicity of it all. I can seek out a nature destination, even if it is my backyard, and what I find there is always waiting for me. The lilacs are in bloom, and the air is warming up gradually. There are creatures that find their way to us, and the green is exploding all around.

No matter where I am at, in my head or in my heart, I need only go into the beauty of nature to get precisely what I need. At first, when we were out in it yesterday, I wanted to think to myself that I find true peace when I go into nature. But, that isn’t exactly accurate for me. I have a true sense of peace within myself most of the time, and when I am feeling conflicted, or disrupted or at a crossroads, peace is never far away. However, the peace that I experience out in the beauty of nature is like nothing else I experience.

Whether it is the green of the green in the forest, or the rocks and branches are right where I need them to be to climb, I am in bliss. Hearing the water running from a dozen waterfalls that we experienced, hearing the hush of the woods that even a breeze isn’t blowing, that is true home to me.

And, it is so simple. I don’t have to buy anything, or download an app, or have any special talent to take in what is always waiting for me. Pure and Simple.

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