Instant Karma.


John Lennon was my favorite Beatle. For years, I listened to their albums as I was growing up, my family was big fans. Then, Abbey Road became my favorite, with so many great tunes, and John’s amazing vocals. Then, a solo career, and at 40, he started his career again.

Then, December 1980 happened. And he was gone. He was a man that was wise beyond his years in my opinion, and knew so much that I am just learning at this point in my life.

I listen to his music still, mostly his solo stuff. I was driving in my car yesterday, and heard the song, Instant Karma, for the first time in at least a couple of years. As I listened, and reflected on some of the most recent lessons that have been shown to me in my life, I heard that song as I had never had heard it before.

What I heard yesterday, is that John is indeed talking about Karma, and how our actions come back around to us. But, the thing is, in his definition, Karma isn’t something that comes around at the end of our life here, or in the next one. Karma is something that we get to deal with in the here and now.

On a simpler level, what that means to me is, I don’t have to wait the rest of my life to work out issues that happen between me and anyone else. I get to sort it out, in the moment, with no waiting. We all get to shine on, in our own way, but we don’t have to wait to grow into our brightness, or to make right on things that we have done that we regret, or want to resolve.

All we have is right now. This moment. It is the only sure thing in this world. To me, that means, that all we have is this moment to take care of business, within ourselves, and with one another.

Why in the world are we here? Surely, not to live in pain and fear.
Cuz, we all SHINE ON. RIGHT NOW.

sunny cloud sky


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