A Drop in the Ocean.


Since fairly early in my life, I have had a desire to save the world. I have believed in the most heartfelt way, that I wanted to offer something of myself to others in a way that would be beneficial to them. I have also believed in a world that could, and would, change for the better through my efforts.

Over the years, I have done various jobs and work in the world in order to help facilitate that change, and to save the world, and the people in it, from themselves. I have worked with at risk children in foster care. I have been support to elderly persons who were ill. I have been an advocate for women who were in abusive relationships. And, most recently, I have been assisting in putting a personal face to the names of people with mental health issues, and the treatment that they seek. And, all of those jobs have been daunting ones. There are a lot of people out there who need help and support. A LOT.

There are days when I feel really ineffective, and frustrated with getting people what they need, or frustrated that they don’t want the assistance. I feel like what I have to offer seems like so much, yet what it brings to that person, or the system, is merely a drop in the ocean. It doesn’t make a bit of difference in the whole, big scheme of things.

Then, I remember a couple of key beliefs for me that help. The first one is, that in order to have the world around me change, I only need change myself. For me, that means to be present and in the moment, as often as possible. For me, that means choosing love and peace, rather than fear and disconnect, in every relationship in my life, including those with whom I work.

It also means that I remember what being a drop in the ocean really means. I can look at it as a way to feel really small, and even insignificant, in a world that feels so massive and unreachable. Or, I can remember that we are all that drop in the ocean. We are all unique and universal at the same time. So, that drop in the ocean, IS the ocean.

I don’t know what is going to happen in this world on a big scale. But I do know that I am changing it, by who I am and what I do, in every moment.



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