The Miracle of Healing.


Today, I spent much of the day with family and friends of a man that was a beloved father, grandfather, coworker and friend. There were tears and stories and even some smiles and laughter. I got to be in the company of people that I have not seen in some years, and that there has been some intentional space between them and myself. And, yet, we all seemed to come together in a common bond today.

I felt connected, even though our lives have all gone in different directions and many things have changed. Yet, the man that they were there to acknowledge, was also known to me, and loved by me, for many years. And, that connected us. And, whatever else had occurred over the last few years, seemed less significant and no longer relevant as it once was.

It reminded me that even the deepest wounds heal over time. Even when we get hurt so badly that we need stitches, once enough time has passed, the hurt gets better, little by little, and even if it leaves behind a scar, it might not hurt anymore. And, you might not even notice that anything had happened there. You can move freely once again.

I think that emotional wounds, wounds of the heart, are like that also. When people break up, when loved ones die, all of these wounds are deep and painful at first, and seem like the pain will never go away. Then, little by little, it feels better. We might get pissed off that we got hurt in the first place, or give ourselves a hard time for taking a risk and falling, but soon enough, the wounds begin to heal and we realize that it might not be as bad as it once seemed.

I am so grateful for my life right now, and the love that I have in it. I am in awe of what I get to experience in the moments when I am present to them. And, today was also a reminder that miracles do happen, every day, and that old wounds do heal. And, love always lingers where it once lived.



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