What’s Next.


At the end of every summer, at least every one of them for the last few years of my life, I start thinking about the upcoming fall. I think that after fall comes winter, and in this part of Pennsylvania, we often start having snow and cold weather in October. I start dreading the end of the warmth and the beginning of the cold. I want to hold onto summer for just a wee bit longer.

Then, one day, I just realize that I am ready; that I am ready for fall to come. I am ready to bundle up a bit more, pull out my sweaters and watch for the first snowfall. I know when I am ready, when an acceptance and a letting go sets in for what is coming next.

This year, was no different. For the last couple of weeks, I have been realizing that fall is just around the corner, and I was dreading its arrival. Then one day this week, I finally realized that I was completely ready for fall to come.

I realized how often that in my life, and I believe in the lives of many human beings, that we resist, and try to postpone our lives, and feel like we aren’t ready for what comes next. For me, that has at times been the weeks before I changed jobs; left a relationship; or made some other life changing decision that I had known was coming but didn’t want to deal with any changes. Yet, when I would decide, and finally acknowledge the readiness within myself, then I would know that I could handle anything that would come my way.

Even though it is when I let go, and open to what is coming next, that I feel the most free and vulnerable, and ready for a new adventure, the resistance that occurs before that is essential to my learning as well. When I am fighting the lesson, and acting like I am powerless to making a decision, it is then that I reveal my true strength to myself, and the time when I get to really figure it all out. The whole time that I am afraid to open myself up, so much learning is taking place for me about my life and the direction I am steering it in.

What I am learning more clearly now, is that what comes next is always something that will bring deep lessons to my life, and that I would rather be present and open for those lessons then be scared and not available. When I open to my life, it means I am opening my heart more. And, when I open my heart more, miracles happen all around.



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