Many of my friends are experiencing a deep loss today, at the passing of their friend, Nora. I only met Nora once, yet her spirit and strength filled the room that we were in. From what I hear of her, she is kind, open hearted, loving, funny, and full of life. Tonight, she flies freely after a battle that she fought hard and long.

The more that I age, the less scared that I feel about death. I don’t know if it is because of the aging process itself, or more because I am growing wiser and more balanced about my life and how I want to, and intend to, live it. I want to live in the now. I want to live fully and passionately, drinking wine or eating pizza, or saying yes to dessert. I want to watch Grey’s Anatomy for hours, or walk by the lake with my love. Whatever I am doing to participate in my life, I want to show up fully and enjoy myself immensely.

It seems that is how Nora lived, and how she died as well; living every day to the fullest, right to the end of her days. I may not know what is in store for me when I leave this world, but I feel certain that tonight, Nora’s spirit is flying free, all around us. I feel joy for her, and I feel full compassion for all of those who love her, and will miss her each and every day.

Peace, friends.



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