Are you Ready?


Are you ready?

Ready for magic, money, love, career of your dreams?

I had a conversation with my love over the weekend as we were walking around our beautiful lake by our house. As I often do, I was basking in the beauty of the love that we share, and how open and amazing our relationship with one another is. How deeply we understand, respect and appreciate each other. As we talked about our meeting, and how, for the two years before that I had been alone, I had at times, longed for a deep love like ours. And, I figured, that the time had not been right for me to have that.

The point that she made after that was true, yet a perspective that I had not thought of in quite awhile. The fact is, ANY time is the right time for us, to have what it is in this world that we desire the most.

We need only be READY for it.

Think about that for a moment or two. The fact is that RIGHT NOW is the perfect moment for you to have the person in your life that you desire. RIGHT NOW is the time for you to have the career of your dreams. RIGHT NOW is the time for you to have a beautiful relationship with your money and make what you are worth.

However, if you are not READY for that magic, it won’t happen. It really has nothing to do with the right person coming along, the right job landing in your lap, or life circumstances changing in some way. There is no need to wait on external forces or the world around you for your life to change.

It really is only about your READINESS. Are you ready? Are you ready, and willing, to bring the beauty into your life that you so desperately desire? Ready to say yes to all that is around you, that is just waiting for your openness to pour into you?

It seems so much easier to make it about the outside world, about what has to happen outside of ourselves in order to have good come our way. That really is a big, bad joke that we play on ourselves, pretending that the world owes us, or has to bring us what it is that we truly desire. And, that if it isn’t right in front of us, then it must not be the right time.

But, just for a moment, imagine that instead, it was all up to YOU. That YOU have the power to make your world happen, to live your dreams, to begin to be happier and more engaged in your life than ever before. It removes any ability to blame others for not having what we want, and for any reason to wait.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready for greatness?

Your dreams are right here, just waiting for you to invite them in.



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