This morning, I started listening to a 21 day meditation experience, led by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra. The focus of this series is on the energy of attraction and manifesting the life that we want for ourselves. This morning, I heard about desire. Desire lives within us, in our deep core, and is a representation of what we want most in the world. Not possessions, but concepts and beliefs that we most stand by.

As I meditated on it this morning, I thought about desire as a flame that burns within us; it lives deeply inside of us always, and feels strong and intense. As we learn, and grow, our desires can be more than merely our dreams, and hopes, and aspirations yet unrealized. Desires can manifest into the lives that we most want to live.

However, we need to play an active role in that. Simply having the desire, as intense as it may be, to live a happy life, we also must take steps to manifest that desire into our real world. Such manifestation comes through thought, and action. It matches up what we most picture for ourselves, from a deep place within us, with what we are willing to do to make our desire a reality.

So, desire is key to being contented in my world. But it is only one part of the story.


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