Throwing away Guilt.


Today for Day 2 of my meditation series, the topic was the Spirit of Desire. That desire is a human, normal inclination, and that our desires are supposed to be present for us. Desire makes us feel alive, and in order to fulfill our purpose and mission in this world, we need to be fueled by those desires. And, one of the deepest desires there is to have, is to grow and evolve as a human being.

I feel this every day, being present to the importance for me of changing, growing, and evolving. My desires to continue to grow at times means that I focus primarily on myself, through what I read, listen to, and what activities I participate in. What types of food that I eat or how I want to spend my money. With that, comes tremendous guilt at times. It is all self inflicted, of course, but I often want to make it about guilt feelings that are being put upon me, by others or the world at large.

The truth is, it is not selfish or uncaring to want to focus on what our deepest desires are. If anything, I believe to do so is self loving in nature. My deepest desires at this point in my life, are not things or destinations, as much as they are my most important values and principles that guide me through the world. And, those desires most often are fueled by a deep sense of love for the world around me, and the people in it. I desire to connect, to impact, to work with and to respect and honor those around me. And, in order to fulfill that desire to connect with the world, I believe that I need to have a firm, loving, and honest relationship with myself first.

I am working on that, and growing. But if I continue to get tripped up by my own self imposed guilt at every turn, then I won’t accomplish in this world what feels most significant for me. Guilt serves no real purpose in my life, except to detract me from my goals.

So, again today, I am reminding myself to throw guilt away and build on the desires that lie deep within my soul. With full love.

woman breathing


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