My True Self.

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Day Three of meditation and reflection on the true nature and meaning of desire, and then the manifesting our desires into the world. The key to manifesting what we desire, is to match what is most congruent with our personality with the desire itself, and manifest it into reality.

As I listened to these words today, I really tried my best to absorb and remember them. I want to believe that within me is the desire of what I want to bring to the world; and also, what lies within me is the ability to manifest that desire. I possess both in the essence of my true self.

I feel like I show more of my true self in my life more than I ever have before. I am free to share my compassion, wisdom, support, respect, love, and cooperative spirit. I feel humbled more often, more willing to learn with others and to listen to what they want and need, from their perspective. I feel more compelled than ever to connect with the world, more specifically, the people that I meet, in a deeper, more meaningful way.

So, I allowed myself to believe once again that my True Self, the deepest, most intimate part of me, contains within it every possibility. I can do anything that I desire; I can bring any dream that I possess to fruition. Today, I believe that to be true.

This evening, my daughter and I attended an event at a local University, a panel discussion of LGBTQA persons, talking about their experiences, their fears, and how they have grown and learned through them. As I sat there, listening to their stories, and knowing some of their faces, I realized yet again that for me, that is my true desire. To bring connection, knowledge, and understanding to others, and to gently encourage LGBTQA persons to use their voices to show who they truly are, and all of the beautiful colors that adds to our world. That is the desire. That is what I truly care to manifest.

That is the offering that I wish to give to myself, and to the world. That is my True Self.

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