I Believe in Love.


Last week, I embarked on an adventure with my daughter. I drove with her to Kentucky to see her girlfriend. She has been dating her for several months now, after having met her on line, and this was to be the weekend that they would be meeting in person. Face to face. Being able to connect with one another in a more direct, deep way. It was one of the most emotionally intense times that I have shared with her. I knew that the trip was the process of helping her to go to love.

There was not much support that came our way for making such a trip. Most people, in fact, almost everyone around us, believed that we were crazy. We had no idea who this young woman was, really, and anything could happen. Kentucky, to them, felt like on the other side of the world, and any danger could present itself to us. Maybe we would be hurt. Maybe it wouldn’t work out. And, what mother takes her daughter 700 miles to meet a person anyway? One that she has met on line?

Well, it seemed pretty simple to me, really. I believe in love. Wait a minute. I want you to read that line again, and what I mean by that.

I believe in Love.

What I mean when I say that, is that I believe that we all have self worth. That people are inherently good. That love presents itself to us all in various ways, ways that strike a chord within us. What defines love for you may not for me, and the other way around. My daughter, all seventeen years of her, is in love. To the core of her being. And, there are some that believe she is too young to know that she is really in love, but she believes in love, like me. She knows when she feels it. She knows when offering her heart up feels like the completely right thing to do.

So, I drove her to Kentucky. We stayed with her girlfriend’s family. We hit it off right away. We saw where she has grown up, where she goes to school, the part of the country that she has called home for her entire life. There is real power and humanity in that. To really be willing to see what is important to another person.

That is love to me. In order to truly love another person, I believe we have to be willing to accept them, fully and openly, where they are at, and for all of things that make them who they are. It is the way that I strive to love myself, and the way that I believe is the only way to love another person.

In the leaving, there was sadness. So much distance between two souls that feel like they are meant to be together at this point in their lives. Yet, all well worth it. Because even though it hurt to leave it, it felt so energizing, right and true to follow love to where it is for us.

I believe in love. And, if you really were honest with yourself, I bet that you would know that you believe in it too.


3 thoughts on “I Believe in Love.

  1. I was very happy to hear about this trip. The same thing happened with will, when he was megan. It was in reverse, katie cane to our home and stayed a few days. They both decided it would not work and she left but i think it helped will with knowing himself better. She was a nice girl but not for will. Life learning eexperience. He needed it.

  2. I am in AWE after reading your words. Oh my goodness!!!
    My 17 yr old daughter has met love online. He is in Canada. They Skype daily, we’ve skyped together learning about each other’s families, beliefs, values, and of course love. She/they have decided she’s moving to Canada. A huge life adventure in the name of love. I will be driving her to her love destination and we do NOT really really know how it will turn out. What we ALL do know is that it ALL just feels so right!
    I believe in love too and after everything my daughter has learned, I am so happy that she is looking forward to experiencing life/love with all the unknown ahead of them.
    Thank you for posting this in such precise timing. I’m able to enjoy this journey with her and I don’t feel so “crazy” for encouraging and supporting her. (How I explain all of this to family and friends will be an adventure in itself!)

    Thanks again!!


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