Inner Space.


I love to look at the moon, the stars and the sky. Whether I am taking in an amazing sunrise, a night sky full of stars, or a sunset with brilliant colors, I feel transformed when I pause to notice these beauties in nature. It seems when I am completely present to these aspects of my outer world, it brings about a peace within me that feels endless. A sense of quiet that replaces the endless thoughts running through my head. A connection to all that is around me at the same time that I sense my self.

My current journey on what I will call my spiritual road is definitely focused on realizing my connection to everything in this world. I have found myself remembering with more regularity how each person that I encounter in my day is me. That the man that passes me quickly on the highway is me; that the clerk that seems annoyed with her work is me; the friend that is worried about money is me. It goes on and on, and the world that I see around me, is me.

The other current part of my journey is seeking out the space within myself that is less focused on the form of my life, of this world. Everything that I experience or know of in this world that I call my own is form; not just the objects and persons that are in my life, but also the thoughts and theories I have about things in this life. All ways to quantify or describe what it is that I am experiencing. And, although that seems useful as a way to communicate and be in this world, I am more than just form. I am also spirit, one with the eternal. I don’t just have a life, I am life. I am not just one with the eternal, I am eternal.

When I make those choices to be with that idea, not the form as much as the space in between, my world and inner sense becomes really quiet and open. When I watch the beauty of nature around me, or consciously focus on what I am experiencing right here and right now, I find that the inner space is infinite. It is an experience that cannot be described easily with words. All I know is that at that time, I need do nothing, and I am in the same moment, connected to everything. In the letting go I am experiencing eternity.

The inner space reminds me that I have nothing to fear; that all will be well; that I am perfect right as I am; and that I am spirit, light and love.



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