A Beautiful Ache.

photo (10)handkind

Last night, my teenager and I sent off her girlfriend, who was here for prom last week. We all drove to Philadelphia airport the day before, amidst tears of goodbyes, and her flight was cancelled. So, we got to repeat it all last night. It was emotional. It was touching. And, it was one of the most beautiful things I get to witness first hand.


As we drove to the airport, the love that these two share inspired and touched me in so many ways. I am so fortunate to have such love in my life, but to see my child experience it, so tender and beautiful, is a miracle. It has been a challenging couple of years for her, so for her to find another human being that loves her, for who she is, and figure out how to make a distance of 700 miles from one another work, gets my admiration.

As a young adult, I often thought that the power of love was in the romance and lightness of it all. Give me candlelit dinners, gifts and flowers, and lots of expressions of love and affection, and that was love in a nutshell for me. With my family, it was openness, honesty, and lightness, humor and hugs. Love was warm fuzzies and cuddles and smiles. Love lost, through death, or break up, or disagreement, felt awful, painful, and not something I cared to experience.

However, I more deeply understand all of the aspects of love, as I experience it, and through observation of others. Love is heartbreaking at times; times when the pain cuts deeply and we feel like we don’t know how to manage it. It is confusion and loss of light and hope. It is expectations that aren’t easily realized. It is not just flowers, cuddles and hugs, but difficulty, pain, loss and confusion.

And, it is ALL beautiful.

Love is the ultimate, only answer for what we need to build connection with others. Love comes in many forms. Love never ventured is not gained, not felt. An open heart is the only way to truly feel and experience this world, from my perspective anyway. So, when I view the world in this way, and the relationships that I have, build, and observe, EVERY aspect of love and an open heart is a risk, but so very worth it.

So even an aching heart is well worth having.


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