Doing Nothing.


Me and my beloved wife (I love saying that!) are on our honeymoon, in a beautiful, tranquil place called Tybee Island, Georgia. It is an amazing find, we feel completely secluded, and we get to have morning coffee seaside, hearing the surf and watching the world awaken. We are in complete bliss.

Before we arrived here, I had scoured websites and even bought a Fodor’s book about Savannah and the local area, thinking excitedly about everything that we could do while we are here. Go on a dolphin watch or river cruise. Take a walking tour through Savannah. Go to the local lighthouse and try out a lot of local food and restaurants. Yesterday morning, our first day of waking up here, I was full of anticipation of what we would do for the day.

Plans and ideas of what to do on a vacation are great, feeling like I don’t want an opportunity to be missed. Yet, when we settled into a beautiful morning yesterday, we decided that to have plans on our beautiful vacation is yet another way to be doing SOMETHING. Planning, living by time, making lists of where to go and what to do. So, we pledged to one another that we would keep reminding ourselves to just live in the moment, go where the spirit moved us, and take it from there.

Once we had decided to do just that, the rest was so easy. We walked on the beach. We sat by the pool with drinks, soaking up the sun. We looked at pictures, made food, and sat by the water. We walked under the night sky after seeing the lighthouse up close. We adventured and had fun without a plan.

It was bliss.

Just being in the moment brings so many opportunities for me to let go, and realized that right now is really all any of us have. It is me allowing myself to be present and available to everything that is happening right now, take it in, and enjoy it fully. It is good practice for what I aspire to bring to my world on a more frequent basis.

I love this moment.



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