I have never been a person that thought a lot about, nor referred to, the happening of miracles, either in my own life, or the lives of others. I mean, I would hear people say that something that happened was a miracle, and sometimes, I would agree or use that same terminology. The only exception would be the conception and birth of my child. I definitely have referred to his coming to me as a miracle at times.

To me, before my current learnings anyway, a miracle was always something to me that was so unbelievable, so surprising and amazing, that it had to have happened due to some type of higher power, or divine intervention. I didn’t even relate it to religion, per se. Definitely to a power unseen, however.

Well, so much seems different in my view now. Expanded in many ways. To me, on this day in my life, miracles are not only much more common than what my belief always was, but they are also within the reach of most, if not all of us.

Today, I am deepening the belief that miracles are the moments when I awaken, when I have full realization and acceptance that I am part of something bigger than myself, that we all are part of that same energy and light. The love source. To some, it could be God. Others Buddha or Mohammed. Maybe even Great Spirit, or Angels. But to me, the form of what the higher power is does not matter, as much as our knowing that we are ALL part of that one light, that one source of love, forgiveness and peace.

Now, in the past, I have had glimpses of that light, and my part in it. I often would feel most connected to that deep realization when I am in nature. Being among the beautiful trees, rocks, and animals brings me to the sense of a greater power than myself and my oneness with all. However, there are dozens, hundreds of additional moments each day when I forget that connectedness. Forget that EVERYONE comes along on the road to salvation and freedom; not just myself and who I pick to come along. EVERYONE.

And, it is okay that I forget, that I am asleep at the wheel of my life and what I believe is the bigger, fuller picture. Part of the realization of that oneness means that I can be forgiven, forgive myself for my being asleep. Look upon myself with open eyes of love when I fall short, or forget, because I see myself as being only in the world, only as a body that exists. It is so much bigger and better than that.

I don’t hesitate in admitting how much I enjoy this mortal world; I love being in it, working for causes and loving fiercely and buying things and eating great foods, listening to good music. Being kind to others and loving with complete abandon. Yet I also know more deeply each day, that the beautiful moments that I experience here are just a tiny fraction of what really exists; of what I am really a part of.

So, the moments of light, love, forgiveness, and openness, when I do remember who I am, are exquisite and incredible.



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