Exhaling the Obstacles.


Last night, Brenda and I visited a meditation group in our community. We had been there last week, when I was speaking with the group about my hugging experience, and we decided to return to just do the meditation with the group. It was really a great experience. I have done meditation before, and I find it powerful to do with a group, like my experiences with yoga in the past.

The leader began the meditation with asking each of us to set an intention: a one or two word description of something that we wanted in our lives. For me, the intention was connection; that was my motivation for the hugging experience; that is the motivation for my writing much of the time, and other aspects of my life that I am involved in.

Then, with each breath that I drew in, I was reminded to think of my intention, and again as I breathed deeply out. As I did this, I focused on my intention as I breathed deeply in; but as I breathed out, I envisioned that any obstacles that exist within me to connecting with others be breathed away.

This was so helpful for me. There really isn’t much in the world that I see as an obstacle to having something that I desire. But, I do get scared. That fear shows itself as insecurity, self doubt, self criticism, and panic even. I can become filled with anxiety about little details if it means a new situation or getting close to something that I might want.

For me, to visualize breathing away those doubts, breathing away those fears, those thoughts and feelings that serve as obstacles, by doing that I am empowering myself to have what I want. Connecting to other people is a force in my life that feels so good when I let go of those fears and flow into it. Whether in a new social situation, at work, or doing a project, when I am just myself and as present as possible, it seems magic happens.

We all have fears and insecurities about what we want to do and how it might turn out; and for me, it seems the fears are more intense and real when it is a dream or vision for myself. To breathe away that which can block or keep me from what I want brings it closer than ever.

It sets me free.



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