Monthly Archives: October 2015

Faster Food.


Earlier this year, we got a Chipotle restaurant in our local area. I had been very familiar with the Chipotle business model from a documentary that I had seen, and I enjoy the type of food that they serve there. So, I was looking forward to their arrival, and have eaten there a few times. Even though they serve fresh, delicious food, it is considered fast food in terms of its convenience and set up.

About two weeks ago, a traffic light down from Chipotle, Taco Bell opened. Even though I have eaten Taco Bell, and sometimes liked it, it isn’t my favorite. They take a concept of good tasting food and make it super fast, super cheap and less quality than a sit down restaurant. To me, Taco Bell is what I would call faster food.


I found myself thinking about that this week as I observed my world, and the people in it, and the pace at which we all move. It seems that most of the people that I know, including myself, think we are on a schedule. I mean, even if we have things that we need or want to do, we are obsessed with time. How long things take; how long we have to wait in line; how much we have to get done in the next five minutes. So I know for me, I look for ways to get things done more efficiently and in less time so I have more time to do other things. I want fast food.

But, on some days, I want FASTER food. I have several places to be in one day, and worry that I won’t get to all of them, so I obsess over how long I will spend in each place, or if I will get done what I need to when I get home. Or if I will have enough time to relax, fix a meal, take a walk. I want to get done what I think I have to do so I can more quickly go on to the next thing. I am aspiring for peace, quiet, harmony, a time to sit and rest.

I relate this symbol to my growth and lessons as a person who is connecting with my spiritual self. There are days when I don’t practice peace, when I want to just read a bit in the morning and then forget what I read by the time I get in the car, ready for the next thing. There are days when I feel so consumed by my thoughts that I think that I will go insane, but to slow down and look at them takes too much time, too much effort. Yet, what I find is that the more that I sit, savor deeply the silence, reflection, and the essence of my true self, the more peace and tranquility I experience throughout the day. The progress and process is slow, but steady. Each day, I learn how to bring peace in a bit more often to my world.

Sure, I can just throw a deep breath in here and there throughout my day when I feel overwhelmed or stressed. Yet, the deeper peace comes when I really attend to myself, take my time and prepare and really give myself the space to get quiet and reflect. I am understanding more and more what a great love of self it is to take the time to really sink into my ever present peace.