Telling the Truth.

ID-100225739I am a truthful person, and keep discovering how telling the truth helps move me forward in my life journey.  Yet today I proved to myself, yet again, that telling the truth is the only way for me to live a meaningful life.


While spending time with a friend this afternoon, I told her the truth about something significant and deeply personal going on in my life.  Although I suspected she knew a bit of what I wanted to share with her, I wasn’t sure how much.  I told her, I cried, I felt such relief and joy that the truth was known, fully.  And, I felt like it brought us closer in some ways.


In any given moment, on any day at any time, I can choose to conceal my truth from the outside world.  I can do it in minor ways, like saying I am “fine” when really I am hurting inside.  Or, I can do it in more significant ways, like telling a story about myself that isn’t true.  Even though there are variations of lying to others, and ourselves, lies are lies.  They destroy.  They keep us in darkness.  They allow us to play a part in this world that is not authentically who we are.


So, telling the truth feels better.  But initially, and even in midstream, it feels super scary.  Will I be judged?  Will this person really understand what it is that I am going through?  Will they still be there with me?  Will I be standing alone in all of this?


We all want to be loved for who we really are.  Yet, we are also afraid to tell the truth, and be our authentic selves with one another.  We can’t have it both ways; if we want authenticity, if we want the opportunity to be loved for who we are, then we have to show and tell others who it is that we are.  We have to stand in that truth.  We have to feel certain that no matter what the outside world seems to say about it, that being ourselves is really the only way to be.  


It is the pathway to freedom and peace.


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