Leave it, Change it, Accept it.

GratitudeI have been listening daily to Eckhart Tolle.  For those of you that might not know who he is, he wrote a book several years ago titled “The Power of Now”.  I bought that book on CD a month ago, and have been listening to it in the car almost daily.  The reminders that it brings me about staying in the present moment; not focusing on past or future; and finding my joy and peace are so necessary for me.  The things that I learn get to be put to the test in my daily interactions with others.


I have a fear and anxiety that lingers in me when I have to deal with, or should say, think I have to deal with a difficult person or situation.  I either criticize myself for not letting go of past resentments, or blame the other person that I believe is the source of my anxiety.  Then, I go back and forth with both of these options, for a good long while, which only increases my sense of anxiety.  


At these times, I like to catapult myself into the past, reminding myself of all of the reasons that I feel justified in holding onto my resentment; and I also project into the future to tell myself the story of what I think might happen, or what I desire to happen.  I am definitely not peaceful at these times, because I am definitely not in the present moment.


So, when I am in the midst of a life situation that I find difficult or uncomfortable, if I want to be more conscious, and therefore, more present and peaceful, I have three options for taking care of it.  First, I could change the situation, by changing my behavior and thoughts about it or within it.  My second option is to leave it altogether; walk away from the situation fully.


My final option is to accept the situation as it is.  This option, although it is the one that I most prefer to take, seems the most challenging for me.  It means that I must drop any judgments or stories that I have about myself, the situation, and the person involved, and let it be as it is.  Let it Be.


The beauty of my choices, is that they are available to me, in every moment.  And, there are always ample opportunities, every day, to put them to the test.  To know that my best is all that is ever necessary, and that peace is here, waiting for me, is indeed a blessing. 






2 thoughts on “Leave it, Change it, Accept it.

  1. Another great posting…thank you for sharing! I’ve spent a fair amount of time reading, listening to and pondering Tolle in 2015. I have to say that it has helped me, quite a bit actually. What I like most about his teaching is that, at its core, the message is very simple: You only have the present moment. Now knowing that AND putting it into action are two different things, but the most important lessons in life take time to truly learn.

    – Steve

    1. Hi Steve: Thank you for your comment. Yes, putting it into action is never ending; I remind myself numerous times a day. And, the most difficult times to use it I learn the most. Thanks for your visit! Peace, Vanessa

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