2016: The Year of Transformation.



I can recall many New Years eve celebrations in my past; some spent at home, waiting for midnight to strike.  Other times, I would get all dressed up, and go out and ring in the new year with close friends.  No matter what form it took, New Years eve was always spent in reflection of the year before, and anticipation of what was to come next.


On most occasions, I had many things that I wanted to leave behind from the year before, and expected that the new year would bring something new, needed, or different.  I was always looking at the past as something that had impacted me in some negative way, and the future as my reprieve, my new beginning.


This year, 2016, brings with it a newness that feels the same, yet different.  There is a part of me that feels nostalgic, in that I feel a sense of anticipation and excitement as to what will be in store for me and my loved ones in the new year.  Then, I am also looking at the new year with eyes that see things in a different way.  Today, I am thinking about transformation, in my life currently and as I go forward.


Transformation can mean for many of us, changes to our life situation, events that occur outside of us.  So, for me, winning a million dollars would definitely transform my life situation in major ways.  And, yes, I would enjoy having some aspects of my life situation transformed.  But I am, more than a transformed life situation, seeking a more internal transformation in this new year.  Rather than anticipating what the new year will bring to me, I am seeing what I can bring to myself.


For me, today and every day, I am seeking transformation from within. I do that in little ways every day:  by being in the present moment, as often as possible; by not taking things personally that occur; by not making assumptions about others; by doing my best; and by coming back to my peaceful center as often as possible.  It is not perfect, and some days I am better at it than others.  Yet, I know that these small steps will bring the transformation that I seek for myself.


Transformation will come to me most powerfully the more willing I am to see the world, and accept it, as it is.  When I no longer resist seeing and accepting the world around me, then I stop separating myself from others. I stop judging the world around me as bad, or evil, or less than myself.  The more willing I am to accept the present moment, to be with it as it is without putting a label on it, the more transformed I become.  The more connected I feel to myself and the world around me.  The more peace that floods into my soul.


Transformation allows me to become more of my self in the world than I have ever been.  




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