Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Beauty of Aging!



I took a walk in the woods this morning, the first time in quite a few weeks. When I don’t visit with nature for a long period of time, I feel myself getting replenished and gaining new wisdom while I am there. Today was certainly no exception. 


What occurred to me today, as I walked along a rocky path in the woods, not sure where it would lead, I was struck with a thought about my aging, and about the process of aging in years on the body.  I have been coming to a more loving relationship with my body in the last few months, but today I was struck by my deep appreciation and honor for my body, all that it is, and precisely as it is. And, it led me to also have a deep appreciation for the aging process, growing older, and watching my body, thoughts, and heart change.


In terms of my body, I love how strongly it has been there for me throughout my lifetime. I am here, in this physical form, for close to 57 years. I feel achy more often; I see skin sagging where I didn’t notice it before; I see my body change in terms of where weight distributes, and doesn’t; and feel subtle shifts in my sleeping and eating patterns. Although I know it is just the vessel that my Soul happens to be storing itself in for right now, my body has been a great vehicle with which to experience Life. I have come to not only love my body, as it is, but to actually celebrate and honor it, as it is. It continues to serve me so well.


When I was in Florida a few weeks ago, and had some time with my parents, I noticed how much my body resembles my mother’s body, and how I love that! I love that as I age, I will ease into the natural flow of my body, its strengths and needs, and being with it as it is. I am sinking into my own essence with great honor and without apology.




In addition to my body, I am more unapologetic, free and open than I have ever been in my life. I am expanded, authentic, and make very few mistakes about knowing what it is that I most want, but then, asking for it in an honest, loving way. With Grace. And, instead of feeling a sense of entitlement to be myself in the world, as if I have to prove how worthy I am, I just really, finally, believe how worthy I Am. How beautiful, shiny, available, and true I Am, in all aspects of Life as it is for me right now. I feel like an old, wise woman who has learned many lessons, and can now shine the learnings and believe them to be true for Herself. It is a coming home like I have never experienced before.


And, even though aging of course, can remind us of our mortality, it is a welcoming that I feel within to be as present as possible, to appreciate the fleeting nature of all things, including myself, and to be at One with all that Is. It reminds of my Eternal, Infinite Nature. 


And So It Is.