Asleep at the wheel.

In the last week, my car has been hit, twice.  Both times I was in it, and it was at a complete stop.  My car is hard to miss as you can see; it is bright and flashy. But for some reason, it has been hard to avoid running into lately.
I notice these days when I go out in the world, that despite the adverse circumstances that many people are experiencing, we have a desire to connect less than I have ever seen. People appear distracted, preoccupied, on a mission. Not many people look at each other anymore. I often feel a bit scared and extra vigilant when out and about,  because it seems like many more of those I encounter are in a fog, not really listening, not really looking at where they are going. 
At first, I would take this lack of connection pretty personally. I mean, I hug people in my spare time, for hours. I stand at events and on sidewalks and even when people don’t want to hug me, I make eye contact and give them a smile. At least, that is what I used to do with regularity. And, I really crave that connection now, want to see people, and have them see me. And, when I don’t feel seen, when I feel like the world is just in auto mode and not really tuned in, I get discouraged. And, sometimes even scared.

But then, I remember that everyone is struggling in one way or another. I remember that no matter what, to be a peaceful, balanced person, I don’t have to take anything personally, ever. Everyone is in their own world, in their own dream, focused on what it is that they need to focus on in that moment. I am not their priority. And, that can feel less like being attacked, being a victim, and raise my level of compassion. Be willing to consider what others may be going through, and that no matter what does or does not happen in the moment, I get to be one with it.

I keep practicing. I keep breathing.

I keep loving. 

2 thoughts on “Asleep at the wheel.

  1. Hugs are like air ..most ppl don’t really realise it… until covid I attended an open mic event at my local coffee shop over the last six years I have been the head cheerleader there and have c applauded and approved and celebrated the talents of many performance artist there..
    this has stopped I.. feel like by Church closed and most of those people feel the same way.
    hugs and human touch are the most important in one’s life without them we don’t have much left ..
    I feel the connection of energy from one to the other is vital.

    1. I believe that hugs heal anything that ails us. Anything. For me it has been a path of purpose to offer hugs to others, mostly strangers, for the last five years. What a blessing. I am always looking for more creative ways to bring connection to the world in light of the current circumstances. I am sorry to hear about your open mic events; I understand how much those communities can fill us up.

      HUGS! And thank you for reading.

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