I am recovering from being ill for the last week. At the highest point of my symptoms, it was hard to breathe. Either, I was lacking full lung capacity, or it would feel painful to try to draw in a full breath. It was difficult. It was scary at times. And it reminded me just how important breath is to us.

For obvious reasons, breath is important to sustain life of our bodies. Even though we are often not aware of it, our body knows what to do, every hour of every day, to keep us going. Our heart beats. Our lungs breathe, in and out.

Yet, when we become conscious and present to our breath, it holds great magic. It reminds us of our Oneness with all that is. How? It slows down the body system. It renders the mind quiet, even briefly, because we cannot focus on our breaths, one at a time, and think thoughts at the same time.

Having a practice of stillness, quiet, and peace, whether that be yoga, meditation, listening to music, or simply a few deep breaths, helps me every morning, to begin the day without the chatter that my mind usually provides. It reminds me that Now is all there ever is, and that the more present that I am able to be throughout the day, the more peaceful I will remain.

Breath is our most available, most useful tool to remind us of our Oneness and our ability to Be Here Now.

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Writer. Building my Presence. Becoming aware of Being, and of my Oneness with Life. I Am Life. I Am. 🙏🏻

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