Hey there.  Welcome to my world, funky as it is most days and moments.  Just came to the wonderful world of wordpress, and I thoroughly love my new home already.  I am a blogger for over a year now, although I am a lifelong writer.  I tend to write more freely and creatively on a keyboard of some sort; in college it was a typewriter; now I have evolved to a laptop.  I am a free spirit, learning about the world fully a moment at a time.  I am a partner, a mom, a pet owner, a home owner, a cyber junkie, an activist, a spiritual being, a mentor, a learner, and so many other things that I can hardly think of right now.  Life is for living, and I believe in getting down to the business of doing just that.  I hope that you enjoy what I have to say in my little space of the world here.  Peace out, people.

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  1. gypsy-heart: Welcome! So glad that you stopped by…….. all artists are welcome and encouraged to visit…..my love is a visual artist as well, painting and drawing… I am hoping to get her and her work out there also…… come back often! peace, Vanessa

  2. Err, is this my first comment here? Anyway, I just wanted to say that if I’m reading ISF, Cordie and Amber’s blogs, I should read the whole family’s!

    So here I am 😀

    Great reads, by the way :] now I’ll browse through and comment where I can. On a side note, you got my url wrong but you can correct that on your time :] (it’s actually livelovewhatever.wordpress.com – glaize is my webbie nickname)

  3. Hey glaize! I can’t remember if you have been here before or not, but welcome!!! It seems that we are all running in the same circles these days, all energized and talented and so many beautiful souls out here…. I am so glad that you are here; I fixed the link; look forward to reading and writing along side with you!!! Peace, Vanessa

  4. I see you have a new picture on wordpress when you post a comment…love it! (if someone doesn’t have their own photo, my blog automatically gives them a little cartoon creature….so you traded in your cartoon for a real photo. Is the coffee ready yet? I gave up trying to get cookies from Sanityfound…and Amber said she wouldn’t bake me any until Christmas…

  5. Oi vey DM don’t let Amber hear of this she will be telling you that me not sending you cookies is in actual fact saving your life especially if I baked them!

    Now am hungry for cookies – must get a screen blanker for that word! Mwah!

  6. I prefer my coffe black w/o anything…that way I can enjoy the flavor as it was ment to be enjoyed, rather than mask it w/ a bunch of sugar and cream..although having said that, I have been known to drink a pot of coffe (one cup at a time) with those various flavors (hazelnut, french vanilla, etc) so it really depends.

  7. I LOVE the various flavorings…… now and again they are tremendous and a nice treat, but I am the same, love the strong flavor of a good cup of black coffee, and the darker the roast, the better!!!

    What do you think DM? Coffee with Amber and SF included also???

  8. Vanessa,
    I think it’s a great idea….Oh did I mention, I prefer regular coffee..not that decafinated stuff. I heard they use rat poison to take the caffeine out of the beans…

    Another thing, I was thinking today…maybe we could flip for who hosts this coffee get together…I would even be open to going to California (Amber’s place) if she wants to host but that IS a long ways away…..what do you think about all of you coming to Applejam in 2009?…here’s a link to Applejam…not sure if I ever told you about it…if you like live music, I think you would LOVE it.


  9. Nope never told me about it…. sounds fun to get together at Applejam; will have to check it out. I would LOVE to go to CA for Amber to host, or would love to have all of you over here in PA; whereever we have it, it will be one great time!!!

    I drink decaf only on occasion, if I have consumed WAY too much caffeine; otherwise, I only drink the high test…..

  10. Hey the party is at my house!!!! You guys are all hooked up to my facebook place right? So you can see I have the party pad of the century. Plus its pretty sucky Im right on top of San Francisco and Napa…poor me!!! I know your hearts are just breaking for me.

    Did I mention I “BAKE”? Yep… everything homemade from scratch. I make some pretty mean cookies, cakes and treats. My kitchen is always open and if you leave my house hungry.. you have a tape worm! No lie!

    So tell me when and Ill roll out the red carpet!!!!

  11. You give your guests tape worm???

    Sorry V this women she be telling me my cookies suck so now I am going to have a cake sale on my blog I swear it. Heh suffer yee little children.

    Can ya belief it? Me? sheesh I have a lot to say on the matter of my cookies but I will keep quiet… for now.

  12. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! The party will be the welcome party for your arrival in the US…… MWAH!

    Amber: If you are willing to have this interesting group of characters with you on the West Coast, then I guess that will have to be where we gather. I am all for any homemade baked treats; I am sure that nothing will go to waste. And, BTW SF, I would eat your treats anytime…. just bring some with you…..

  13. Hey Leah: Glad that you stopped by; I have been trying to write every day, although sometimes real life doesn’t allow for that…… but glad that you appreciate my thoughts….. come back anytime!!! Peace, vanessa

  14. It is always a mysterious thing, when people choose this path, yet, it is a path without judgment. I/we have known too many good people that have made that choice. I feel they are angels now.

  15. Just found your blog. Maybe it´s a nonsense, but it has been love at first sight when I have seen the picture above of a young woman with a wolf behind her, protecting her. Somehow this pic resonates within. So thanks.


  16. Love: welcome, and so glad that you have found me. The wolf is my true Native totem, and the wolf mother is especially close to my heart. I am so glad that you visited, and please, visit again!!! Peace and blessings, Vanessa

  17. Hello Vanessa,
    I am very happy to read your posts under different categories. I liked the way you write and share your views on a variety of subjects and matters.
    I have a Hindi blog where I post Hindi translation of the best of the inspirational/motivational anecdotes and blog posts. I have posted more than 400 stories/articles so far. These include the translation of the blog posts of Paulo Coelho, Leo Babauta, Arvind Devalia and some other. Their posts have been translated under their express permission or their CC licenses.
    If you kindly allow me, I’d love to translate and post some of your posts. My blog is being run on my domain and it’s entirely supported by me. I don’t earn anything from this blog in monetary terms.
    Your (translated) post(s) will include a backlink to the source post.
    Hoping to hear from you, please.

  18. Nishant: welcome, and thank you so much for your words and your visit. i would be honored for you to use some of my posts; my words are my deepest passion and to share them with more aspects of the world feels truly like a gift! Thank you so much, and keep me posted! Peace, Vanessa

  19. Hi Vannesa,
    I was so happy to find your blog. we’ve met at the LCCC in june. Last night I was reading the Laurie’s blog about Hildie’s last experience and saw your comment, and the whole thing was kind of magic, I found a lot of connections as I was asking “what do I need to learn right now to grow”. It felt so good, “contentment”.
    I’m going to keep reading your blog. Loved the letter to your daughter ; -)



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