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You are Love.


Like all of us humans, I have learned over the course of life in this physical realm what Love “means”. I have been taught that through other humans, television and movies, and writings on the subject. It is mostly focused on in the context of relationships with other people, and over the years that I have been here, I have ingrained within myself certain beliefs about Love, and what it is, and isn’t.


And, I am not unique in what I have learned; many of us have learned to believe that Love meant certain things, possessed certain qualities. And, sometimes those beliefs contradict themselves. Loving another person is unconditional; yet loving ourselves means putting conditions and boundaries in place. Love is giving all of oneself to another; yet it also means having balance. Love is romantic, sexy and intimate; yet it also is universal. And within each of these teachings there is an element of truth. And today, I feel like I am closer to understanding the true definition of Love, although I can’t say that I live it all that well some of the time.


What I now believe, and am aspiring to live more consistently, is that I Am Love. We All are Love. That is our essence and our true nature. However, we don’t see that in ourselves, or in one another, because of the beliefs that we possess about Love, and what we think it is supposed to look like. We are pretty far away from Love in most circumstances; I know that I am. Love is pure and ever present; yet it is not always visible in the form, looking like what we think Love is supposed to look like. For example, I have believed that to want someone to change was loving, if I believed it was for their own good. But, in the true nature and meaning of Love, wanting someone to change is not Love; it is not Loving.


To be pure Love in this realm is a challenge; it always seems there is something more that I want for myself; or something else that I want or need from another person.  Yet, the deeper lesson for me now is how to Love, how to really Love, and mean it. How to fully accept others for who they are, as they are, without expectation or wanting for it to be any different than how it is. To accept circumstances of my life as they are, without waiting for the future to be different or to deliver to me my dreams. To not dwell on the past, and ruminate over how things may have been different. 


To be pure Love, to me, means to stop resisting. To see my own, Love nature, and to see yours, as consistently as possible.  To be with my breath, being Present, be here Now. It makes no difference if others decide to see Love in this way; I still get to walk the path as often as I can remember.  Yet, you can walk it with me should you choose to do so, and just do your best.


SO, stop resisting. You Are Love. 
PS- We All Are.


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