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The Breakthrough.


In living together as a couple, and also with my daughter, the three of us are learning to live with and cooperate with one another. It is an interesting experience. We are discovering how we each have a way of doing things, and how in living together we get to see how that all blends.

One of the biggest lessons for me that I learned this week, is how much I have held myself in esteem of what a terrific parent I am. Don’t misunderstand me: I believe myself to be a really good mom to my daughter. I have always been, and gotten better over time. But, the last three years have been a real testing ground of how to build a stronger, more honest relationship with her. And it has paid off.

When I met my fiancee, and we started dating and spending a lot of time together, she and my daughter started to develop their own relationship with one another. It has been light, fun and easy. I have even managed to keep my hands out of it, and let them develop it on their own. Then this week, there came a situation where they both wanted different things. And, it was, and is, an introduction to how the two of them can start to build a relationship with one another, that is honest and in more depth than it has been.

However, I took it personally. Meaning, I put myself in a position of comparison, thinking that NO ONE could build a relationship with my daughter like mine is. Like I had something that I had to protect or keep from anyone else. Like I am the best parent on earth and no one should dare try to develop something with her. It is an old tune with me; I would often tell myself what a better mother I was to my daughter than my former partner, her other mom. Icky, but true.

What makes it icky for me to think about is that it isn’t true, any of it. Each one of us has brought our own set of gifts and magic into my daughter’s world. And, the way that I parent her is not meant to be the template from which every other person takes on that role. Part of the beauty of the life that I am creating, for myself and my family, is that we each are unique in how what we bring to our interactions, and that we ALL get to learn from one another.

So for me, the breakthrough is that I don’t have to believe what my head tells me about parenting, and it opens up so much more in my world. And, it is yet another way in which my partner and I can be brought closer together, because I am getting my thoughts out of my head and talking about it.

That is pure magic.


Finding your Hour of Power.


This morning, as I was enjoying the dawning day and preparing to start my tasks, I read my Medicine card, and my Sacred Path card for the day. My Medicine card today is Turtle, which represents Mother Earth, and is one of my main totem animals. It stresses creativity, staying grounded, and to remember the power and impact of Mother Earth on my daily living. My Sacred Path card is called the Hour of Power. It is also connected to Mother Earth, and how to remember that the Earth has a pulse and heartbeat of her own, and that we need to be connected to that source.

The Hour of Power card also refers to finding your own Hour of Power in the course of your 24 hour day. According to Native tradition, each person has an hour of the day when you feel most energized and connected to your world. And, feeling powerful simply means, when do I feel most connected and willing to acknowledge all aspects of my self. When do I feel most present to the truth of all that is me?

For me, I know that my Hour of Power is early morning for sure, most likely, between the times of 5:00 and 6:00 AM. It is during this time that I am acutely aware of the quiet of the world; when many are still in slumber, and the day has not yet dawned. I love this time of day, and feel like I could run, write, create, cook- ANYTHING! I feel energized and focused and ready for any and all that can come my way.

It is also possible that a person’s Hour of Power could have yet to be discovered. So, even though I believe 5:00 AM to be my Hour of Power, I have never encountered myself consistently at the hour of say, 3:00 AM. Another indicator of our Hour of Power, is that it is 12 hours from the time during the day that we feel at our lowest in terms of energy.

What I love to do is to be creative, whether that mode be music, art, or most of all, writing. To envision myself writing early in the morning, before the start of my “work” mode, is exciting and energizing to me. Through tapping into my Hour of Power, I can also connect to all that it is around me, because when I am doing what I love, I know that I am a part of everything, that what I do connects me to other living and nonliving things, and that we are all One. I am finding and expressing my joy through fully living my life and expressing who I am.

What is most meaningful for me about this card, is the knowing that we all have a time in our day when we feel most like ourselves, and when our creative source is most freely flowing. Discover that for yourself. Be free. Be open. Share your beauty with the world.

Discover your Hour of Power!


Using my magic

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. Last night, my daughter and I did the midnight showing of the new saga in the Harry Potter series. It was an amazing experience for the two of us, and I discovered some new ways that his story relates to my own, as I am writing it.

I used to believe that magic, to some degree, happened outside of myself. Meaning, I could create and make magic happen, for sure, but that much of it was also up to the Universe, the forces that be, karma, and higher power stuff. That magic would be brought to me rather than me bringing it to myself.

I thought about it in relation to Harry Potter, and the wands that each of the characters carry with them. Each wand chooses the owner, however, the magic that happens with those wands is up to the user. Up to their own will and belief in what it is that they truly want. At least that is my take on it.

I believe that is truly how it is in terms of the magic that is at work in our own lives. I no longer believe that the magic occurs outside of us, and if we our of good fortune or generous people, we get to have it happen.

I know that the magic is within me, waiting to be discovered. I may be unique and special, but so are you, and you, and you. We are all special in our own way, and we all have magic within that yearns to be discovered and called out. If we believe in what it is that we can truly accomplish, not give up on our dreams, and see the vision of what we are truly meant to do in this world, then we can truly make magic in all areas of our lives.

What does your wand look like? And, how much magic are you making?

The magic is within!

I am a huge Harry Potter fan. We have all of the movies on DVD, and besides the first one, have seen them all in the theatre. As a family, we have enjoyed watching the films over and over again, and getting wrapped up in the drama of the story, as well as the magic that is described and shown. It got me thinking about the magic that is afoot in my own life these days.

Every day in my recent history, I am keenly aware of the magic that is present in my life. I am surrounded by it, and it shows itself in my closest relationships, my workplace, my exercise and meditation time, and my writing. Magic is literally everywhere, and where is lands appears to be shiny, sparkly and bright. It is nothing short of spectacular.

The magic in my life is what got me thinking about Harry Potter, and the Patronus charm. If you are unfamiliar with the Patronus charm, that is a charm in the movies that Harry uses to protect himself, and those that he loves. It is not magic that occurs simply by using his wand, and the proper words. The Patronus charm is different; it only works to its fullest potential if the user of the charm truly believes in it. The worker of the magic has to feel its power from within him or herself, and think of the most pleasant, happy and loving memory that they can conjure up in their mind. Only then, will the charm work to its fullest potential.

And, therein lies the answer for me about true magic in my life.

You see, I always believed that the magic that occurred in my life, or the magic that I wished for at least, would occur from some outside source. If my partner loved me more; if I made this much money; if I had that other job, then all would be well in my life and it would be perfectly contented.

Just like Dorothy in Oz, and just like Harry Potter and his friends, the magic does not lie outside of ourselves, but within.

And, the more that I realize that, the more that I really think about it, I am amazed and inspired by how powerful that internal magic is. When I realize my own power more and more, my own ability to design my own brilliant life, without waiting for someone else to make magic for me, that is truly amazing. Inspiring. Awe producing.

So, I am conjuring up my own Patronus charm, and using all of the magic within my power to create a brilliant life.

Stay tuned………..


Part of the work that I am doing with the Handel Group involves making a list of all of those incidents in my life that have had a last affect on me, that to think about to this day have an acute response within. My list so far, of haunts as they are called, is over thirty recollections. Now, I have not had a traumatic or troubled childhood, as I would call it. I am able to recall those circumstances that most impacted on forging the path of who I am today. And all of them, and my part in authoring them, have to be rewritten and handled.

With many of these recollections, confessions are necessary. That can mean, confessing to the person or persons whom I have wronged; confessing to new people in my life about what I have done; confessing to those I am just meeting in order to bring more transparency and understanding. No matter what, confessing in its truest form, has been a struggle for me up to this point in my life.

To me, confessing always sounded like deeper, darker work than acknowledging my responsibility in something. And, in a very true way, it is. To admit what I have done wrong, or screwed up, has been easy for me much of the time in my life. I have said the words and apologized. However, CONFESSING truly ups the ante. In confessing, I am truly taking stock in what it is I have done. I am inviting feedback from the person I have done the action to. I am not just saying my apology and running away. I am FACING my wrongdoing.

Last night, I had one of my training sessions for my coaching work, and I talked on the call about my history of drinking and driving. It is a long history, one that never involved being arrested, or having an accident. I always went out to the bar, or the club, with the intention to drink enough to get drunk. However, I often had others in the car with me, including my partner and our daughter. And, in my earlier years of drunkenness, I was often so drunk, that I would pass out shortly after arriving at my destination. I am telling you the truth on this one.

Although I have a chilling feeling when I confess this, that I did this thing and really didn’t give a shit about my passengers, or others on the road, or the law, I also understand the power and the magic that lies in it by confessing. I was arrogant, self centered, and thought that I was entitled to do whatever I wanted, with no regard to safety or to the rules. And, my intention when drinking booze was often, to get drunk.

The magic of this for me, is in how freed up I feel, by telling the truth about this. Part of the work that I am doing is cleaning up the messes that I have designed in my life. My doing. Going back and checking out with those that have been my passengers when I drove drunk, is one way to clean up. This is another way; letting the world know my way of designing in the past, how utterly self centered that was, and my pure intention to do it differently now.

Do you have anything that you have been deeply needing to confess to someone in your life?

I highly recommend it. With love.