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It’s Up to You.


I have learned so much in my life, from so many sources. Books, classes, movies, and of course, the lessons of experiences that I have had. One of my most profound teachers has been the person that I call my son. Through is own experiences, and what he has learned from them, I have, in turn, learned from him.


As I was parenting him, especially through adolescence, I often felt either inept, or helpless. Navigating through new territory even though I had “learned” so much about what teen years may look like. I was scared much of the time, and confused about what would be the right thing to say, do, or offer to him. I didn’t really trust myself, although I wanted to. When I did trust myself, many people around me challenged the way that I would do things, and had their own opinions of what was best. It was a roller coaster of a ride much of the time.


Yet, we navigated through. He made his way. And, today, he is one of the most brilliant human beings I have ever had the privilege to know. One of the deepest lessons that he has taught me, is that in order for life to change for a person, they have to have the willingness to change. A person can want the world to accept them, or to understand them; they can blame others for their pain and suffering. Yet, the only thing that will bring about a new beginning, is when we say yes to ourselves. It is all up to us.


Now, I have known that my whole life, not just as a concept, but as a reality. That for someone to be truly happy, contented, or at peace, they had to decide to do so for themselves. Yet, when it came to seeing my own child suffering, I didn’t want to believe that it was that simple.  I was terrified of what he would, or would not, potentially choose. Yet, I waited. I agonized.  And, eventually, I learned to trust that no matter what I wanted for him, for anyone in my life, it was always up to that person, to him, to choose for themselves. 


We can blame the outside world for our internal condition. We can believe that it will be someone else or some other circumstance that will make us happier than we are right now. But the deepest truth is, that it is always up to us. It is always up to you, to decide if you want peace or conflict; joy or unhappiness; release or constriction. 


To finally say yes to that simple Truth is freedom and Peace indeed.