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Spreading the Seeds.



I am no scholarly expert about The Bible, or Christianity for that matter. I was raised as a Christian most of my life, and heard some stories from the Bible, but could not tell you the difference most of the time, between the Old Testament, New Testament, parable or proverb. It just isn’t something I have been accustomed to. However, there are a few stories that have their origins in the Bible that have stayed with me over the years. I have heard it has quoted by Eckhart Tolle, and the show and movie Godspell, two very dear sources for me.


It is the story of the spreading of seeds, and how those that fell upon rock have no soil in which to prosper and sustain, so nothing grows from them. However, the seeds that land upon rich, good soil, get what they need to be nourished, and grow tall and strong. So much speaks to me about that story, parable, or both, that resonates for all steps that I purposely take on Life’s path.


For years, I have wanted to see my seeds sprout and prosper in the world; and what that meant was, I would be famous. I would be well known. I would be a bestselling author, speaker, educator, who would be on talk shows, and walking among the people that we see on magazine covers and hear on the radio. My knowledge would be considered so indispensable, that everyone would want to hear about it from me. I would stand out.


But, gratefully, somewhere along the line, I learned a couple of valuable lessons, many lessons actually, and they have all come my way through the power and magic of hugs. I have learned so much through simply offering myself to the world and receiving so much more in return. One of the deepest lessons that hugging strangers has taught me is something that I can only describe as a deep, abiding knowing that anything that I put into the world will land precisely where it should. Some would call that faith, trust, or belief. For me, it is deeper than any of that, because it is a certainty.


I have sprinkled the seeds of my Being in the world, more authentically than ever, for a few years now. Over that time, I have realized that to want to know the outcome, or more definitively, to base the outcome on my sense of happiness or satisfaction with life, was a dead end. Carrying expectations around and then being constantly disappointed when life, people or circumstances don’t meet my standards was so unloving and futile. Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted more for myself than that.


So, I listened deeply to what I already knew. I surrendered to all that is, as much as possible. And, I started realizing that if I simply shine my light into the world, be myself as I Am, then the seeds of love, presence, joy- they would land in the most fertile soil that I could envision. And, I wouldn’t have to know that it was happening by physical evidence. I simply knew, I know, that all will be precisely as it is meant to be.


And, you know what? I am more joyful about Life than I have ever been. I live my most contented moments when I have no expectation at all, simply Being.