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YOU are are Unique and Universal……

Depending on the day of the week, I find that I feel more firmly connected to my unique nature, or to how much I am connected with others. More often than not recently, I find myself with a foot in both worlds at the same time.

I am acutely aware on most days of how unique I truly am. Most of the time, I feel sort of freakish in how unique that I am. I feel reminded by the world around on almost a daily basis of how different my thinking is from most of those around me. I am loving. I am trusting. I believe inherently in the good of all people. I believe in living my life openly and truthfully. I try to be a good person in all situations. I strive for justice. I care about animals, friends, family, and those around me. I think often about my dreams, goals and aspirations. I believe that I am awesome and want to rock my purpose and hug the whole world.

I am unique. And, so are you.

Yet, I am also universal. I am connected to all around me. When I hear the story of a person’s hardship, or triumph, or struggle against adversity, I am inspired, or overwhelmed, by it. I feel a strong bond and connection to the world around me, or to others around the world. Through this miracle of blogging, and for me, it is sort of a miracle, I have connected with other like minded persons who have been waiting to meet others that think in much the same way. I believe that if someone in another land is subject to war, or is hungry, or has no shelter, than that affects me also. I am connected deeply to the earth, to animals, to life of all kinds. I don’t like snakes much, but grieve for the ones that are killed on the road by my home. It is a life lost. I deeply appreciate the night sky, the stars that seem to float above me, that shine and sometimes, hide behind the clouds. I watch the moon in awe, and when it sits low in the sky I am enamoured. When the sun rises and sets, and the sky announces its arrival, it is magical and powerful all at once. I am a child of the earth and I rarely forget that fact.

There are so many moments of our lives, when we have to focus on what it is we need or want at the time, when our individual needs are the focus for us. Our unique nature is what captures our attention. However, that isn’t all there is to us, ever.

We are part of the fabric of life. We are forever connected to other people, places and things that may be far from where we are right now on the planet. For, even though we may be far from those persons, or those things or places, they are a part of us. Ubuntu: I am because you are.

I am. That is true. But, I also am because of you, in spite of you, with you in good and in bad.

We are all connected, our energies, our spirits, our souls. We carry an energy force within us that is ignited and kept alive by the universal energy that exists. We really are never alone.

I often think on the fact that I know definitively that I will meet my friends that I have met through blogging someday, live and in person. We will embrace; we will share that energy with one another that right now is only shared through the written word. We will have moments of joy and relief, knowing that we are not alone in this world.

Remember, always and in every moment that you are able, that you are unique, and universal, all in one.


Bubble gum sunrise


Yesterday was my birthday.  Forty seven years ago on August 31, I arrived in this world.    And, just for the occasion, the Universe bestowed upon me for my enjoyment, a bubble gum sunrise, not unlike the photo above.


PINK.  My life is a series of shades of pink.  Whether I am celebrating a birthday with my loved ones; driving on my way to work; anticipating an event coming up…….. it always comes up pink.  I find myself standing at the sink, putting away dishes in the morning, and a smile comes across my face.

That is a pink moment as well.


Life is a series of shades of pink, my life at least.  This is because every moment, every minute, every single event in my life is purposeful and good.  Even the bad stuff.  Even the painful stuff.  Oh, how much insight and reflection and knowledge even those bad moments have brought to me.


On my anniversary of my birth, so many messages of love, kindness and generosity were bestowed upon me.   I felt such a strong bond of love and human connection that it almost overwhelmed me.  To know that I have touched that many lives,  persons that now want to share joy with me, is a gift, an amazing thing to witness.


I was right all along; we are all connected; we all need one another.  I was right all along that this life is, indeed, Ubuntu.


For, I am because you are.  And, oh, how grateful I am for that. 

Stay in love with God.

The last of the three simple rules?  Stay in love with God.  Sound dramatic?  Sure it does, because having that kind of connection with God, with a higher power, is that intense.  It is pure love, pure joy and trust and belief.  There is nothing quite like that.

My love of God comes from many sources.  Being aware of my surroundings, every moment, in the wind, the sun, the trees speaking to me.  It comes in the miracle of children, watching them grow, learn, enjoying their lives.  It comes through the power of prayer, when I do it silently, or out loud with my church community, and how intimately close I feel to God when I pray. 

It comes in the silence, when I am deep in my thoughts and processing this journey of life that I am on.  It comes when I help or reach out to others. 

God and His presence in my life is beauty and light and hope and redemption and pure acceptance.  Even when I feel doubtful, even when I am struggling a bit with my faith, even when times seem dark or I feel alone, I know that God is with me.  I trust more and more every day in His purpose for me. 

I will always stay in love with God. 

Do good.

What is it that you offer to the world, to care for it, to nurture it?  What is it that the world needs from you?  In what way does the Universe call for you, and you answer?

What good do you do for others?  I mean, intentional good.  Think about it.  Make a list.

For one of the main reasons that we are here on this earth, and one of the three simple rules is to do good.  Give the good that you carry with you to the world.  There are so many souls out there in the world, lost and wandering, that need the gifts that you carry with you.  Why not share them?

To do no harm, and to do good, are two totally different concepts to me.  For to do good is an active choice; of thought, of heart, of action.  We donate to a charity.  We plant a tree.  We read to a group of children.  We volunteer our time.  We rescue abandoned animals. 

To do good is part of our responsibility in this world.  Because that is truly Ubuntu.  I am because you are.  That means that living my life alone is not enough.  I need to be willing to consider what others may need to get by, and what good I can do to help them along.

I am because you are.  Do good.  Always.

Our Gift

Our Dearest Vanessa,

We spent some time with your spirit, asking what its desire is to show the world. This was the image that came. Please take this as our gift to you and your blog.

We would like the opportunity to talk about why it was we added you to our Ubuntu circle. Because we are a circle. We used that as a symbol on your blog. One with no beginning and no end. True Ubuntu.

You have the gift of healing others. You heal them with your kindness, your understanding, and your total acceptance for them for who they are without question. That gift gives you insights into other people’s souls.

Your own soul is so filled with love and joy. Although your path has not been an easy one. You are brave. You seek answers not in a demanding way, but allow them to come to you in a thoughtful, slow and gentle process which is compatible with your personality and soul. Your thoughts and emotions are so deep, and the need to give your love is equal to that.

Everyone around you can feel your strength and calm, and earthiness. A true Native American spirit/medicine woman healer from within.

We love you, and we feel blessed each day that you choose to be in your world.


Sanityfound and Amber