making myself at home

I remember that before our daughter was born, I went through a period of nesting. I had read about it in all of the parents to be books, and mothers told me about it as well. That a few months before baby’s arrival, moms will go through a period of preparation, nesting it is called. Getting the home set up for the new being that is about to arrive there. I remember it vividly and I enjoyed the process so much.

I feel like I have been doing that same thing of sorts, a type of nesting, in my new home. I call it a home now because i have spent the last two weeks settling in, getting to know various aspects of it, and putting my touch, and my daughter’s touch, on it in every possible way. From what I hang on the walls, and where, to the type of food that I have in my fridge, to the decision to hang curtains, or not. It is all making it into a home, my home, our home.

I have moved into new places before, most often by myself. And, I don’t remember a time that I felt quite at home as soon as I do here. I purposely designed it that way. Although I thought about taking my time with unpacking, and extending the process over a few weeks, I decided that there was no time better than now, to get this place developed into where i will feel comfortable, warm and cared for. I got down to business and when I walk in, it feels right. I feel connected to it and like I could be here for awhile.

This move represents so many changes that have occurred in my life in the last year. And, although the changes have brought challenges as well as opportunities, I believe that this home will be one of abundance, hope, love, and light. I believe that what I have filled it with, and I don’t mean belongings, will bring forth warm energy that will begin, end, and fill my days.

I am so blessed.


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